The purpose of this program is to assist eligible clients in meeting emergency needs. Assistance is given, during a crisis situation, in the areas of providing food, clothing, repairs to home heating devices, payment for temporary shelter, necessary transportation, medical services, etc.

To be eligible for this type of assistance, a household’s income must not exceed 125% of the poverty level. The circumstances, which created the need for assistance, must have occurred not more than 30 days prior to the date of application. There is a maximum dollar amount of assistance than cannot be exceeded by any one household within a twelve (12) months’ period. However, the actual amount authorized for any household will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Support services may be provided in either of the following areas: childcare, medical exam, transportation or any other service unique to a particular situation. Our efforts in the area of employment assistance are coordinated with both the public and private sectors for maximum utilization of available resources and benefits to be delivered.


Unfortunately, we cannot take walk-ins. Applicants can apply for assistance at our Beaufort or Jasper office. Applicant must schedule an appointment. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call:

Beaufort Office: (843) 255-7220 or Jasper Office: (843) 726-5586




Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate walk-ins.

Please use the phone number below to schedule appointments for your desired service. Appointments will be confirmed via a telephone call from a Beaufort-Jasper ECO team member within three to five business days.


Beaufort Office: (843) 255-7220

Jasper Office: (843) 726-5586




The following documents are required, in addition to other eligibility requirements, to complete an application for Beaufort-Jasper EOC services:


  • Legible, valid state-issued photo ID for the applicant (name and address on the ID must match what is listed on all presented documents
  • Legible Social Security cards for all household members (no photocopies)
  • Proof of income for ALL household members for the past 30 days prior to the application date
  • If the applicant has earnings or wages, they will need to provide their pay stub (examples are monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly)
  • If the applicant receives Social Security, Social Security insurance, pensions, or retirement, they will need their current year benefit award letter.
  • If the applicant is a business owner or is self-employed, they will need the current tax year statement (example: Schedule C or C-EZ with all pages signed and included.


Most programs require that you meet federal income guidelines, we will screen applicants at the beginning of the application process.


NOTE: Income includes, but is not limited to:

  • Child support (a signed statement by the payer if support is voluntary or a statement from the court if it is court-ordered
  • TANF/AFDC/Monthly Utility Check
  • SNAP
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Alimony
  • Monthly stipends
  • Adoption subsidies