The mission of the Beaufort-Jasper Economic Opportunity Commission is to plan and implement human service programs for social and economically challenged individuals. The agency will advocate on the behalf of our customers in such a manner that their quality of life will be enhanced and less dependent upon government subsidies. The ultimate goal is for them to become self-sufficient and productive citizens.


To provide our customers with a vehicle for the achievement and maintenance of family stability and economic self-sufficiency. The funds we receive from federal, state, and local public and private sources will be to address the areas of employment, housing, health, and nutrition, education and training, social services, emergency assistance, economic development, and effective community relations; all of which can impact, in a positive manner, on the successful quality of life for our customers.


The Beaufort Economic Opportunity Commission, Inc. began as a Neighborhood Youth Corps Program, under the sponsorship of the Charleston County Economic Opportunity Commission, which, at the time was directed by James Clyburn who is now a U.S. Congressman.

The Corporation’s Charter Date is March 11, 1966; hence, the Agency has been operating within the State of South Carolina since 1966.

Through cooperation, we have all learned effective and successful ways to achieve common goals. However, progress has not been easy. There have been many disappointments, crises, funding cutbacks, and a lot of opposition; yet when it was necessary to do so, we were able to close ranks and work together for the realization of many successful accomplishments.

Over the past 54 years, the Beaufort Economic Opportunity Commission in Beaufort has brought over 30 million dollars into the local area. This money was, primarily, to implement innovative and creative approaches to fighting the war on poverty. It cannot go unnoticed how the granted funds helped to stimulate the local economy of Beaufort and Jasper Counties.

Our most successful efforts have been in the provision of improved human services, including Employment and Job Training Assistance, Housing Assistance, Transportation Assistance, Pre-School Educational and Nutritional Programs, Emergency and Energy Assistance, Community Organization and Issues Awareness, and Career Enhancement Assistance.

Perhaps, even more, important are our less tangible accomplishments, such as continuing to serve as an advocate for the socio-economically disadvantaged of our area.


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